Dan Anderson for City Council

(Ward 1)

For over 30 years I have had the privilege of working with leaders, executives and their teams, in business, education and the non-profit sector, endeavoring to help them thrive in every aspect of life and business.

Along with speaking, training, and coaching, as a Five Capitals certified coach, I also serve as the President/CEO of Kingdom Way (launched and built right here in Loveland) and as the National Ministry Director for FCCI, which are both marketplace leadership development non-profit organizations.

For three decades I have been a visionary, entrepreneur, developer of teams, builder of organizations and people, and have successfully garnered broad community support for various endeavors. One of these endeavors included helping start an organization called Love, Inc. in Scottsbluff, NE which serves the marginalized and under-resourced people of Western Nebraska.

But my most notable accomplishments are being married to my amazing wife ILona for 32 years and being dad to our three children: 22 year old sons – who are currently serving in the United States Navy – and our 16 year old daughter who is now driving!

If elected to serve as your City Council Representative (Ward 1), I look forward to bringing the fullness of my experiences – with great humility and integrity – to do my best to help Loveland truly THRIVE in life and work!

Beliefs in Serving


The birth of our amazing country was inspired by the bold philosophy that individual God-given freedoms should be preserved against local, state, and national government intrusions and the purpose of those elected to serve is to support that freedom.

Law Enforcement

For a diverse community to thrive exist in peace, harmony and safety, public and private virtues should be modeled, encouraged, and taught. When such virtues are not followed and the boundaries or our community’s laws have been crossed, a compassionate and courageous adequately equipped law enforcement is needed to maintain order, our freedoms and civility.

Fiscal Responsibility

For a government – whether local, state, or national – to consistently operate in a deficit position is unsustainable, irresponsible, and dangerous, jeopardizing the economic growth, stability, and security for current and future generations. No one likes taxes. Unfortunately, a certain level of taxes are necessary to fund the essential services and those activities desired by most citizens and to operate with fiscal responsibility.

Economic Vitality

The growth and development of small to mid-sized businesses and commercial businesses where jobs are abundant, and free market environments are cultivated are essential for a community to thrive.

Human Dignity & Families

It is my belief that all are created equal in the image of God, and thus are worthy of receiving inestimable dignity, respect, and are of high value. Civil servants elected by the majority of its constituents are called to uphold and protect life, honor and support marriage and family, value the cultural contributions of religion and morality, display a character that is worth emulating – all of which are crucial threads in the tapestry of what constitutes a community that can truly thrive.

Contact us at: Dan@Anderson4council.com

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